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Energy savings made easy

Smarter Golf Energy is an Official Partner of The PGA.

Smarter Golf Energy Solutions

We know the business of running a golf course is an energy-intensive undertaking. That’s why we’ve made it our goal to help golf courses save money on their gas contracts as well as helping management identify and implement long- and short-term energy-efficiency measures. From comparing quotes to managing your entire energy portfolio, we’re here to help your golf course save on gas, save money and operate in a more sustainable manner.

Why use Smarter Golf Energy?

> Whole-of-market comparisons

> Get the most competitive prices and contracts suited to your needs

> We manage the entire switching process

> Let us do the hard work; you do the saving

> Get a free site audit to help you identify potential savings and efficiencies

> Get free access to our comprehensive energy data and portfolio management software

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The benefits of an energy audit

Our energy management process begins with an energy audit, an assessment of the entire golf facility. We’ll research the course’s utility billing history, energy needs and historic energy use to develop realistic energy savings goals.

Our audit will cover all aspects of the energy use inside your facility:

  • The irrigation pumping system
  • Water services
  • Lighting systems and controls
  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Cart charging
  • Kitchen components

This audit will guide the formation of an energy-savings plan for your golf course to help you achieve tailored efficiencies and implement relevant sustainability measures.