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Smarter Golf Energy is an Official Partner of The PGA.

Who is Smarter Golf Energy

Run by golfers for golfers, our energy services and solutions are tailored specifically to the golfing industry.

Our mission is simple: to integrate sustainable strategies that make your golf facility more efficient, profitable and playable; minimising environmental impact in the process.

We work with club management committees to educate them on the opportunities available at their particular course; providing and implementing bespoke energy management plans to improve profitability and sustainability.

How we can help you save

It’s a well-recognised fact that utilities such as water, electricity, fuel, and money are too often wasted at golf facilities. This means that golf courses have clear opportunities to reduce their carbon footprints, conserve energy, improve efficiency, and improve their bottom lines.

At Smarter Golf Energy, we’re committed to helping golf courses:

> Identify potential energy savings and efficiencies

> Manage your entire energy portfolio

> Get access to exclusive energy data, data analysis and reporting

> Monitor your energy and set up usage alerts.

All of which make your golf course more sustainable, while supporting the bottom line.

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The benefits of an energy audit

Our energy management process begins with an energy audit, an assessment of the entire golf facility. We’ll research the course’s utility billing history, energy needs and historic energy use to develop realistic energy savings goals.

Our audit will cover all aspects of the energy use inside your facility:

> The irrigation pumping system

> Water services

> Lighting systems and controls

> Heating and cooling systems

> Cart charging Kitchen components

This audit will guide the formation of an energy-savings plan for your golf course to help you achieve tailored efficiencies and implement relevant sustainability measures.

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